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Foton Series Tractor Export Dept.
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Products List
TA60 Foton Tractor(60-80hp)

TA804 Tractor(FT804 Tractor) 4WD 80HP

TA800 Tractor(FT800 Tractor) 2WD 80HP

TA754 Tractor(FT754 Tractor) 4WD 75HP

TA750 Tractor(FT750 Tractor) 2WD 75HP

TA704 Tractor(FT704 Tractor) 4WD 70HP

TA700 Tractor(FT700 Tractor) 2WD 70HP

TA654 Tractor(FT654 Tractor) 4WD 65HP

TA650 Tractor(FT650 Tractor) 2WD 65HP

TA604 Tractor(FT604 Tractor) 4WD 60HP

TA600 Tractor(FT600 Tractor) 2WD 60HP

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  Product Category
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